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The Dangers of Matted Fur and What To Do About It

Matted fur can happen when a pet’s coat isn’t properly groomed. You’ll recognize it by seeing a lot of tangles and knots throughout your pet’s fur, more commonly in longhaired pups and cats. These tangles and knots aren’t just an aesthetic problem – they can even be dangerous for your pet. In this article, I’ll explain the dangers of matted fur and what to do about it.

Why Matted Fur Can Be Dangerous

1.) It Can Make Your Pet Sick

Matted hair doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, which means the moisture is trapped. This makes a hospitable environment for bacteria to multiply and create a lot of health problems for your pet. Additionally, matted fur can make it harder to spot insects or fleas on your pet, as they will likely gather under the knots where it’s warmer.

The location of the tangle can also influence the severity of the condition. For instance, if they are gathered around the eyes, ears, or mouth, they can even lead to life-threatening infections.

2.) The Dog’s Ears Can Be Affected

If your pup has tangles or knots around their ears, it’s important to take them to the groomers right away. Matted fur in this location can cause the blood vessels on the tips of the ears to burst, which can create a lot of pain for the dog.

If you wait too long, the dog’s ears will most likely start to bleed when they are groomed because the groomer will have to cut the fur a lot closer to the skin. This can lead to additional pain for your pup.

3.) They Can Excessively Scratch Their Skin

Your dogs or cats can feel the matted fur, and will likely try to groom themselves, but in most cases, they will not be able to. This can lead to excessive scratching of these areas, sometimes to the point where the skin can tear if their nails get caught on the mats.

In these cases, your pet may need stitches and antibiotics to recover.

4.) Their Behavior May Change

Even if your pet can’t perceive its physical appearance as humans can, they can still tell something is off, and their behavior may change because of it. Both cats and dogs may become more aggressive and not let anyone touch them, especially around the mats.

What Can You Do About Matted Fur?

If you have a longhaired pet, it’s essential to groom them properly, and frequently. How often you need to do it generally depends on the breed of cat or dog you have, and their fur type, but your vet can provide more information regarding how to best groom them.

Additionally, you may want to take your pet to a professional groomer. Owners of shorthaired pets can usually get away with most grooming needs by themselves, but the long locks of your cat or dog might need a more experienced hand.

If you need help, Pawsitive Grooming is happy to provide it. Contact me !

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